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Aromatherapy & Swedish

Massage  ​

Nutrition & Food Education

Living the Nutri-Rich Life

Transformational Healing​

Hi, my name is Suzanne Bayer and I would like to introduce you to my practice of serving you in whatever capacity meets your needs. Whether it be a luxurious, relaxing and therapeutic Swedish massage, immune boosting Aroma Touch Massage or Nutrition and Food Education. You can count on me to nurture, support and lift your spirits!

The Art of Joyful Abundance and Radiant Living

You may already be living a wonderful, abundant and radiant life, but so many of us are not. I know it took me forever to get here. Trial and error, especially in relationships and just a constant feeling of lack and low self-esteem was a continuous challenge.  Eventually I found my way home and would love to share my awakening with you. There are many tools to enrich your journey and help you to make sense of it all. I can teach you some very simple steps to help you shift your patterns and finally start moving forward.  

The body's natural healing

abilities are miraculous.

Awakening these abilities in others is a simple and precious gift.