"Tension is who you think you should be.

Relaxation is who you are."

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Suzanne Bayer, C.C.N., C.M.T

             When I was in my mid- twenties I had a very serious and life changing healing crisis. A poor diet, a very high powered job in the film industry and an abundance of coffee , cigarettes and lots of junk food had taken it's toll. I was flat on my back and healing was going to take time. I was divorced and had to give my precious little boys to their father for a year because I was too weak and ill to care for them. I lost my beautiful children, my fabulous apartment and a great job on Madison Avenue.

Wow! Talk about a wake up call.

I immediately quit smoking and became interested in how to find my way back to health and vitality. I read everything I could find on diet and health. I am still reading to this day.

Dance is my passion, but I got a late start. I was 35 when I had my first ballet dance class. I believe you are never too old to follow your dream. Because I started my journey back to health and fitness 30 years ago, I was able to realize my dream. I still have incredible strength, endurance and agility allowing me to continue youthful activities.

If you are a person who has come to that place of wanting and needing change, I would be so happy to teach you and guide you and offer to you my years of experience and wisdom on how to get well and stay well , so you too may follow your dream .

Contact Information

For more information please call me. I prefer to speak with you by phone.

Call anytime of day starting at 10 AM. Free 15 minute phone consultations are available 7-8 PM.

Therapy hours are: MONDAY AND TUESDAY - 11AM  to 4PM.


Prices are: Aromatherapy - $49.00 an hour, Swedish Massage - $85.00 an hour, Food Ed. - $ 50.00 an hour

I have a home office in W. San Marcos, off Palomar Airport Road and would love a visit from you!

PHONE - 760-597-0369, -  e-mail - [email protected]