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Living the Nutri-Rich Life

Living a Nutri-Rich Life

     Living a Nutri-Rich life is not about dieting, but returning to health and youthful energy. It's about fully ​living a life free o​f pain and disease.

     There is no need for calorie counting. A nutri-rich lifestyle is about eating nutrient rich foods and plenty of good fat. We need fat to burn fat! Fat satisfies hunger. Its learning about body chemistry and metabolism. You can not lose weight until you get these two in balance. Each bite of food sends your body a message. It says "burn fat or store it, build muscle or lose it, slow the aging down or speed it up, create sustained energy or crash with fatigue".

     The American diet of processed foods breeds disease, illness and depression. It produces severe addiction to sugar, salt and saturated fat. It is responsible for rampant epidemics of Cancer, Heart Disease, Obesity and Diabetes.

     Many research studies are now showing us that a diet of processed food raises blood sugar levels and causes insulin problems. This is being linked to Dementia and the explosion of Alzheimer's Disease.

     They are actually now calling Alzheimer's Disease "Type 3" Diabetes. Here's why: Insulin dysfunction affects the brain by starving neurons of energy and causing cell death, DNA damage, inflammation and the formation of plaques in the brain (a main characteristic of Alzheimer's Disease).

     The standard American diet is devoid of any nutrients. This causes a constant craving for more food. You eat more, gain more, never feel satisfied and can never lose any weight. This also causes your immune system to weaken leaving the door wide open for colds, flu and even more serious problems.

     If you are ready to leave this vicious cycle behind and start anew, you will be astounded at how good you feel. The pounds will melt away and you will never feel hungry because you will always be eating.

     I will teach you the art of healthy living in the Nutri- Rich lifestyle. Your whole persona will change.  An incredible lightness of being will come over you and you will feel as if you were lifted and walking on air.

     Yes! Believe it! I know it because I feel it everyday.