It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. 

Its necessary.

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Living the Nutri-Rich Life


"Before I began my health care sessions with Suzanne I was extremely fatigued and had constant stomach pain and bloating. I also had a feeling of overall frustration about my condition after finding no relief from numerous visits to medical specialists."

" One visit to Suzanne , however, changed my life. She zeroed in on my problem right away. Following her guidance, I eliminated certain foods and added better nutrition to my diet. These changes, along with her ongoing support, completely eliminated my stomach pain and increased my energy dramatically."  

Tamara, Vista Ca.

" Suzanne is a compassionate person who truly cares about helping people feel better. She offers a very comfortable, clean and serene environment. Suzanne enthusiastically shares her well being. She will always            play an important role in my new healthy lifestyle. " 

Jim T. Carlsbad, Ca.

" I have been seeing Suzanne for over 5 years now for her nutritional advice and the wonderful massages."

Kaye J. Cardiff, Ca.

" I came to Suzanne for massages to ease my rheumatoid arthritis. Suzanne is so generous and caring, always sharing her knowledge about nutrition and healing. I decided to set up a counseling session. I was given in-depth dietary guidelines and recommended supplements to bring my inflammation down. It worked! I was amazed at how much better I felt and am now able to reduce my dependence on Prednizone. I still see Suzanne for her nurturing and comforting massages.

Emanuel. San Marcos.

          " With her gifted hands, heart and mind, Suzanne eased my weary body with wonderful massage therapy and nutritional tips. I highly recommend the combination for more energy and better health. 

Dawn C. Del Mar, Ca.